Crime and hospitals in Hong Kong

I want to post a warning about crime and hospitals in Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong many times with no problems, but this time I
was hit hard on my head, robbed, and I stayed in a hospital in Hong Kong for one month in August. My bag, money belt, ID, passport, shorts,
phone cards, clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, socks, shampoo,
shirt, photos, coins, deodorant, bank book, US $400, ATM card, brush,
three notebooks, and wallet were all stolen. I was hit so hard that the
right side of my head was broken in six places and the doctors removed
part of my right side of my skull and a blood clot. They said my brain
was bruised, but not damaged. In about six months I need a have plastic
plate put in my head to protect my brain. I am lucky that I wasn

Re:Crime and hospitals in Hong Kong

Does one expect to be put into a private hospital without any healthcare insurance? That doesn't happen in US does it?

This thread is so strange. Sleep at night outside, unexpectedly get mugged 8O , end up in hospital with other 'ill' people.

Despite shortcomings, HK has very good public hospitals. I believe the life expectency of the HK population is only 2nd to Japan. That means a HK person can expect to live longer than the average American and probably much longer than those who take unnecessary risks).

Re:Crime and hospitals in Hong Kong

hmmm interesting post

i've witnessed firsthand the emergency response system and an overnight stay at the QE hospital (not me but my partner at the time). He basically stopped breathing one night and luckily i've had some first aid training and could start cpr...after calling for the ambulance....20 mins later and i'm about ready for cpr phone rings and it's the ambulance team downstairs calling to say they can't find the guy to let them into my building and can i come down and let them in *L*.....after some expletives i managed to convince them that what i was still doing, with the telephone tucked under my chin, meant i couldn't really travel too far right then

finally they arrive with a cop in tow....who looks at my guy and says "sei joh" to which i whip around and give him a mouthful....i convince the ambulance guys to take over from me...yes, they were standing watching...and off we go to the hospital in the ambulance

the arrival at the hospital was lots of fun too....doors open and about 10 'journalists' and photographers descent on us, cameras flashing - no neither of us is a celebrity!!! gave them a mouthful too!!! i guess it was the novelty of an unconscious gwei-loh arriving, they thought it might be print-worthy in some way

the emergency team at the hospital were great, by the time we got there he'd pretty much stablised but they wanted to keep him in to monitor....that's when the real fun started....i have to say it was one of the few times i've been ashamed of hong kong (been here all my life, i love my home) ....there were people lying in the corridors, no beds....etc....yes all seemed to be occupied by old people who probably should have been in a hospice

finally after 3 hours my guy was given a 'bed' was one of those low-lying nylon things you see people using under the blanket no sheet no pillow....i finally managed to persuade a nurse to find a pillow and sheet for him....oh by the way the bed was squeezed in between the two beds in a two-bedded room and there was another similar bed over in the corner

i spent the night sitting on the floor next to him, reflecting on the affluence of this wonderful place where i live and all the tax dollars i send to the IRD every year and looked around....shame shame shame on us

i checked him out the next day and into the adventist (yes it cost and arm and a leg without insurance) but i just didn't feel confident he'd get what he needed where he was - there had been no follow up tests or anything in over 18 doctor ever came back either until i went and found one and she even advised me to move him!!!

so anyway that's my story so i can relate to some of what pat is saying though i'm still 'hmmmming' over his whole tale

oh and by the way pat.....

[quote]I still drool a little and am dizzy if I get I up too fast. I should get better, though. [/quote] do i and i don't think i'm going to get better!!!! :lol:

Re:Crime and hospitals in Hong Kong

We headed up to Queen Mary hospital a couple of months back when ToddlerB's fever stayed up around 105F. After much first-time-parent thumbing of toddler-health books we decided a trip to ER was called for.

We waited around five minutes, then were sent along to see a young doctor. I think that if you draw the short straw in medical training school, you get sent to man the "deal with nervous parents" seat. After a quick check with stethoscope, ear thingy, and thermometer it was pronounced that yes, she has a fever and no, there's nothing to be done about it. So off home we went, vacating the seat for the next group from the parent-and-toddler line.

That's been my only experience with local emergency rooms to date, and thank goodness it was nothing as exciting as the previous two tales.


They made you piss in you bed


The hospital made you piss and shit in your bed? I can't imagine even a Hong Kong public hospital making you do that.

Also are you know of those "backpackers" that sleep on benches rather than getting a proper hotel?

Hong Kong is pretty safe compared to many cities in the U.S., but that doesn't mean it's totally safe.


Hi. In reply to the first poster.. very sorry to hear of your experience you describe and the terrible injuries you recieved. The only thing really I can think of though, is that going to sleep in a public place *anywhere* in the world is never going to be very advisable.. but to do this *with* all of your possessions on you, including money belt etc, is simply nuts. You are marking yourself as a huge free-meal ticket. Being asleep also renders you utterly unable to defend yourself, so much is obvious, and this will attract any no-good'ers like flies to you-know-what.

I am sorry for what happened to you, but this really could have happened anywhere, and in a lot of parts of the world, under the same circumstances... 100% 'would' happen. I live in London UK, have just come back from a week in HK, and found HK to be far safer and it citizens less threatening, at least what I saw of it.

Re:Crime and hospitals in Hong Kong

and I would add --

Despite you being robbed of all personal I.D. documents and money, you were still removed from the scene, taken into the shelter of a hospital, treated, operated on, given a bed for recovery, and fed, for weeks on end. All of these actions (individually and combined) saved your life, at a time when you (or your family & friends) were in no position to help you.

In plenty of other parts of the world you would not have recieved such generosity, or a successful operation, and in some places you would probably have been left for dead, or picked up in time - if at all.

So, despite oatmeal not being as tasty as chicken with rice, I feel it should be necessary sometimes to view the positives, the glass-half-full, not just half-empty.

Your experience, terrible as it was for you, was brought on by your own lack of proper preparedness and awareness in the first place, assuming that - as you suggest - you chose to go to sleep in a public place with your valuables on your body.

In future, I would advise never to turn yourself into such an easy-pickings. This also includes how you display or conceal your valuables when awake. Think like a thief /mugger would do, put yourself mentally in the shoes of someone less materially fortunate than yourself - who would really like to steal what you have - , and then you will be much better prepared to avoid giving them the adequate opportunity they require.

This is not a matter of walking around with eyes in the back of your head all the time, in a state of heightened paranoia, it is just good common sense, and little thinking-ahead. You only need do this once, and then spend the rest of your day /holiday with peace-of-mind. There are dozens of cheap guest-houses in HK, surely much safer than a public bench.

Sorry if this post sounds fairly unforgiving, but it is an unforgiving world, and your muggers for sure won't be shedding any tears over the consequences of their disgusting actions. I wish you the best for a speedy and full recovery.