Moving to Hong Kong

Dear All,

I'm a Malaysian but i'm graduated from Australia. I'm currently working in Australia as an assistant accountant. I'm going to marry my boy friend early next year and he is originaly from HK. He is thinking to move back to HK early next year. I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English. I have 2 years plus working experiences in accounting field. Is that hard for me to find a job in HK? What is the salary range to work as an assistant accountant? I'm still continue studying my CPA at the moment. So, I'm not qualified as an accountant yet.

Thank you.


Re:Moving to Hong Kong

You would probably be in a much better position if you had your CPA and a couple of years working experience subsequent to that.

HK can be pretty tough at the entry level.

Be forewarned that the working practices in HK are nothing like Australia. i.e. the norm is to work past 5pm.