So how do I get to live there? :)

I was in HK with my partner for only a week (alas!) and we fell in love with the place absolutely.

So I was wondering - what do I do to get a job over there? Are there any likely jobs for an Australian couple like us? What's the pay like? What's the rent like? Where are the best spots to live?

So many questions!

More info!

OK - So I've now read the expat section, and realised that in order to answer my questions, you'll need a lot more info. So here goes:
- I have a degree in Community Development (Social Science), and have worked in social policy for the Australian Government for 8 years. Are these likely to be skills needed in HK? Obviously I'm doing my own research on this as we speak, but I'd be interested to hear from an expat local.
- I'll be happy to learn Cantonese beforehand (it's the right thing to do I think anyway) - How long did this take other English-speaking people?


Learn Chinese to get a job?

I don't have any clue about the job market for your qualifications, but here is the website for Hong Kong Government job vacancies.

If you don't already read/write/speak any Chinese, don't plan to be applying for jobs where the work is conducted in Chinese.

By all means study it to give yourself an edge in interviews, and enjoy yourself more when you are here. But if "Spoken and written Chinese required" is part of the job requirement, I wouldn't waste your time applying. Even after two or three years of full-time study your language probably still wouldn't be considered good enough.

So focus on opportunities where your English and/or professional skills are what the recruiter is most interested in. Good luck with the search,