WTO fallout in Hong Kong

Well, the WTO meeting in Hong Kong has come and gone, along with the 'protests', but its bitter legacy lingers.

Yesterday Mrs Tall and I heard the story from Mrs Tall's parents. They had taken Daughter Tall down to our housing development's playroom. There Daughter T and her little playmates immediately organized a heretofore unheard of game: Policemen vs. Korean Farmers.

Daughter Tall was naturally taking on the role of a 'Police Je-je (i.e. 'Big Sister)'. Her character and temperament are not really open to anarchist leanings at this point.

It was all fun and games until one of the little 'Korean farmers' resisted Daughter Tall's attempt to 'arrest' him and take him to jail. She responded by bashing him with a plastic toy asparagus. At least she used an agricultural product to inflict the damage -- it's nice to know my daughter stays on theme.

Anyway, all ended amicably with a Daughter Tall apology, some shaking of hands, and resumed play.

We may be more careful about allowing even brief news reports to air openly in our home, however!