available jobs in retail banking and working visas


I am Harshad, presently working independantly in India as a fraud risk management consultant. I work for various private and multinational banks in India. I am a graduate in commerce. I am in to this business since last 9 years now and I wish to exlpore more opportunities in asia. Hongkong being one of the biggest business center in asia, I am really geared up to find a suitable jon in retail banking industry.

I dont know the local language in hongkong, but am good in english and some indian languages. I just want to know whether it will be possible for me to obtain a decent job in hongkong and how difficult will it be to get the working visa.

If anyone in here, who is working in the retail banking indutry can help me out in finding a job there? I have already applied to various banks via internet, where the chinese language was not a must.


Getting a visa for HK

Sorry I don't have any specific information about retail banking, but there are some general ideas here.