Indians in Hong Kong?

Hi, My husband is being send to HK by his company from Dubai. We are Indians and would like to know if there are any Schools following the Indian curriculum in HK. Also about the churches in HK. Is there an Indian population there. I am totally confused. HK was somewhere we really never considered moving to.
Is Indian food available there?
Please give info regarding these things.

Indians in Hong Kong

Don't worry, Dubaiexpat -- there is quite a large Indian community in Hong Kong, many of whose members have lived here for many years.

South asian food is widely available -- see our article on our favorites.

What kind of church are you looking for? There are again many who worship in English, so you should be able to find one that suits.

For shcools, I'm not sure -- readers, anybody know about this?

Indians in HK

Hi Mr Tall,
Thanks for the reply.We are from Kerala in India and belong to the jacobite orthodox syrian church. So that is the church we are actually looking for.

orthodox church in HK

hi dubaiexpat! Unfortunately there is not a jacobite syrian church in HK, however, there is an orthodox church in HK which is part of the metropolinate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. The cathedral church is the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Luke in Fort Stanley, Hong Kong. The church is under the spiritual jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The metropolitan is His Eminence Nikitas.

For more information please see I hope this helps!

You mean uttapam, idli and

You mean uttapam, idli and dosai. Ayyo amma

What about the coconuts? Are

What about the coconuts? Are there any coconut trees in HK? Coconut trees remind me of kerrrela... Also are their any Benana chips available?

re: coconuts

I can't remember seeing any coconut trees, but local Thai restaurants always seem to have fresh coconut juice (served in the green coconut) available, so coconuts shouldn't be too hard to buy.

Banana chips? Not sure, but I think you could find them in the health foods section of any of the larger supermarkets.

Coconut trees?

Hi there,

I remember there were a few coconut trees in the Victoria Park, near the former circular stage (demolished) for the police band on Sundays. However the park had undergone quite a few remodelling in the past 15 years or so I could not recall the status of those trees.



our local wellcome has both fresh and dried coconuts in the fresh fruit section

Request to find out for a rented house


Could you kindly help me in finding a rented house in honkong. I am an Indian (State - kerala)

Buget would be 5000 to 8000 HKG per month

Thanks for your help in advance!!!

Thanks & Regrads,

Finding a rented house

The gohome website is a good place to see what is available within your budget.


newly coming from India


I will be coming to HK next month.. could you please tell me how would be the rent for single room with kichen and bathroom rent?

does all indian foods availble there?

what would be cost of living for single person?

mobile connections are GSM or CDMA

Please reply me in this regard


re: newly coming from India


Your first two questions are answered above.

Cost of living varies enormously from person to person, but there are some figures here to give you an idea.

GSM is the main standard here for mobile phones.

Regards, MrB

Thanks for your information MrB


Thank you very much for your information, it is very good.

I would like know what would be the rent for single bed apartment in low to mid budget. can we get fully/semi furnished rent houses? what would be the price variation between above two.

Thanks in Advance


re: newly coming from India

Hi Siv,

The gohome website is a good place to see what is available within your budget. Their 'Power Search' page lets you search with / without furniture to compare.



Hi  can  somebody  help me in finding one room with the same requirements said above in around city university hongkong with a decent surrounding. budget hk$3000-3500.