Laundry dilemma

Do you think buying a town-gas clothes dryer is a good idea? The flat is lucky enough to have a balcony for hanging clothes, but the clothes (especially towels!) refuse to dry in the horrendous humidity.

How do you get your laundry done?

re: Laundry Dilemma

A lot of our drying happens Hongkong-style, hanging from rails across the bathroom ceiling. On days when nothing's drying, we leave a dehumidifier running in the bathroom overnight with the door closed. Everything (even towels) is dry in the morning.

Laundry Delema

A clothes dryer is a GOOD idea for Hong Kong.

There are times during the year when clothes left out to dry are still wet after a week, by which time they may start to go mouldy.


1.Make sure it is all electric NOT gas operated. Gas is very expesive to use and can be dangerous.

2. Buy one that will auomatically turn off when the clothes are dry, ie. humidity controlled. Timers for drying clothes will give varying results during the year due to the wide range of humidity that is experienced here. When it is less humid the clothes will be over dried and when it is humid the may not be dry enough.

3. Buy from a big and reputable company.

My current dryer has been in use for 5 years and hasn't gone wrong yet.




and don't try to save space by buying a combo washer dryer - useless to say the least.