New layout - better or worse?

If you are a regular visitor, you'll have noticed that the site layout has changed. Is there anything missing that you'd like to see brought back? Or any other changes you'd like to see?

MrsB reports that the new bigger text is welcome, but I guess there are dislikes too.

The previous website was a combination of articles produced by an HTML authoring package, plus a discussion forum powered by phpbb2. The new site runs on Drupal, which is able to handle both articles and forums.

We hope the new system will bring the article and forum content closer together, instead of seeming like two different sites. It should also be easier for us to post and categorise content using Drupal, than using the old system. Time will tell!

Regards, MrB

Personally, I prefer the old

Personally, I prefer the old layout. It seemed to me well organized and original, and I didn't mind the stylistic difference between the old board and the main site.

The new layout just seems clunky like any other blog now...

Just my two cents.


This is better

I like the new layout. It's more organized.


new layout

well, at first it no no...but I've been posting and I'm getting used to it.

so long as it remains witty and interesting and you keep the great articles and wonderful photos, I'm here....with long gaps I'll admit!

Whatever makes it easier for you guys I'd say - you're the one's putting all the time and effort into it - and great job!!!!


Thanks for the feedback

Ron & Fiona, thanks for the support, and glad to see you are still with us.

Matt, you're definitely right that the site looks the same as a million others now - it's a price we'll pay for having it easier to manage. If you have any particular features of the old site that you miss, let us know and we'll see if there is a way to get them added into this site.

Cheers, MrB