Silly pigs and Dirty cats

It's funny the vocabulary that only gets used at certain times of life. Have you been called a 'cheeky monkey' since you've grown up?

With MissB1 getting into more trouble as she gets older, I often hear her called a 'soh jue jai', or 'silly little pig', which seems to be the Chinese version of cheeky monkey. Pigs pop up again when shoes and socks are being put on, with adults talking about her 'chau jue geuk' and 'fei jue geuk' - 'smelly pig's foot' and 'fat pig's foot' respectively!

Mealtimes also have their own words. When more food has gone on her face than in her mouth, I'd be calling her a 'mucky pup'. In Cantonese, the equivalent is 'laat taat maau', or 'dirty cat'.


PS Here's the post that got me thinking about this.