What's the best time to shower ?

Ok, let's try this again - the first one got all muddled up, as I tried to get smart with some changes to the bulletin board software.

To work out if this disagreement is just between Mr & Mrs B, or a sign of a larger cultural difference, quick a poll is called for.


PS Dave, sorry your post got canned. But if you smell like a durian, I think it's fair to say that whatever culture you are from, a shower is in order !!

Re:What's the best time to shower ?

I agree, if you smell a bit rank....then definitely time to hit the shower.



well...a rather unusual poll...
but I just can't decide
if you bath in the morning, you gonna smell bad at night, but be refreshing for the best hours of the day
if you take one at night, you gonna have a better sleep

well, I would take one both in the morning and at night 8O

Re:What's the best time to shower ?

The correct answer is both times. Morning and Night. Especially when it becomes hot and sweaty outside.

Re:What's the best time to shower ?

always the end of the day, before relaxing for the evening....sometimes in the morning too if it has been a hot or ummm active night :wink:

Twice a day

The correct answer is twice a day, one in the morning n one in the evening. But more importantly, why do people not think to wash themselves (as in that bit on their bottoms) after doing the Big No 2? Most Westerners find it unimaginable washing themselves after a pooh. But if your hands were dirty with pooh or sthg equally disgusting - would you be happy just to wipe it off with a tissue? Exactly!!! Part of the reason maybe becos they feel iky abt touching their "bottoms" to do it. It's just another part of your body - if you can't get that part clean..! Go on, do it today!!

not twice a day, how dirty

not twice a day, how dirty could you be?! you're wearing clothes, all the dirt and grease would be on your clothes. Sure if it's hot you can take an extra rinse but not every single day of the year. We're in the middle of a water crisis, we must conserve water~!!

yeah if your living in Hong

yeah if your living in Hong Kong then you should definatly shower twice a day. Cause you know.... because of the heat and sweat. Thats what I did! :)

Before and after sex. :p

Before and after sex. :p

If I shower too much, my

If I shower too much, my skin gets Crinkley!

Night time

I shower at night right before bed, but you also sweat in your sleep and your skin is always "GREASY" in the morning. so maybe both is good