Going out to eat with kids

Whilst in London recently,I came across a restaurant that had a play area for children.

This was very convenient for the kids who could let themselves off with some excess energy.

Can anybody recommend a place where children can be let loose a bit and the adults eat? (apart from the exclusive clubs)

How old are your children?

Madison's (http://www.madisonshk.com/) have a small play area at their Sunday brunch, but it's most suitable for young children in the 3-6 range.

Otherwise, I can't think of anywhere. Here we're grateful if the restaurant gives MissB crayons and a colouring sheet!

On our last visit to the UK, friends took us to a pub that had an indoor play area, and a garden with a climbing frame that would put any of the Hong Kong parks to shame. I think the play facilities were the main attraction (our friends have three young children), as the food was nothing special.

Can anyone else suggest a restaurant that has a play area - or even one that is in a shopping complex with a play area nearby?


The following resturants

The following resturants have kiddies play areas

The Peak:
- Shooters 52
- Movenpick Marche

Tai Koo Shing:
- Ruby Tuesday

- Wild Fire

Top Deck

Thanks Anonymyous, I haven't tried any of those before. Are they suitable for older children to play at?

A friend with a 3-year old wrote to me about Top Deck, above the Jumbo floating restaurant in Aberdeen: "Yes. Top Deck is child friendly. There is a small area for children to play: mat like Madison’s, some blocks and a few other toys. Not a big area but it was ok."



peak tower restaurants all closed a while back....they will reopen late summer/fall with a different mix

however up the peak at cafe deco there is a nice little play area for kids and even someone to entertain with a few activities last time i was there (on a sunday)

Cafe Deco on the Peak has a

Cafe Deco on the Peak has a small play area in the resturant, suitable for say under 3s, and there is also a decent outdoor play set near by.