Taiwanese Noodle House

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This is a restaurant that is decorated like a traditional chinese teahouse, complete with dark wooden tables & chairs. It is run by one of the most welcoming restauranteurs I've met in Hong Kong. The last time we were there he happily let my wife and I order our dinner (some superb green beans in XO sauce and some char siu pork, amongst other things!), then made me dim sum to take away (I have to eat as much of the stuff as possible everytime I'm in HK) at 9pm! On a seperate occasion, I went in to book a table for another night and he invited us both in for jasmine tea whilst we sorted out our reservation as it was raining. Superb atmosphere and decent food at reasonable prices.

I can't remember the exact location of the restaurant, but if you start on Canton Road from the junction with Peking Road, just follow the road north on the right hand side and you can't miss it.



Exterior of restaurant!