Can I use the photos in the website? Is there any copyright?

re: Copyright

The answer will vary from photo to photo.

Many of the images shown on this site are just shown here, they are not hosted on our server, and we do not own the copyright. Here's an example of a photo I added today.  Whenever you see the text 'Image (external):', you know it is one of these photos that are hosted elsewhere. Click on the photo to be taken to the original site, where you can find out more about the owner, and any copyright.

Other photos are hosted on this server, eg this one. In that case the person who uploaded the photo will be the person to ask about the copyright.

My own approach is to ask the owner for permission to show the photo, unless they already make clear the photo is publicly shareable (eg the first example above). And I aim to always include a link back to the original source. Partly as a way to thank the original owner, and also so people can check the source of any information we show here.