New Hong Kong blogs

There's been a sharp uptick in the number of bloggers operating in Hong Kong in English.

Our frequent contributor Ron has started up his own blog at and he's already put up some amazing posts.

Giles at is just getting started in Hong Kong, and his observations have the new arrival's freshness of perspective.

Another relative newcomer to Hong Kong is having his eyes opened on a whole different scale -- see

For some family-oriented Hong Kong fun, see


Thank you Mr. Tall.

Yes, my blog is mostly a sort of diary with everything going on in my life.

Anyway, during this weekend, I wish to spend some time and complete my promised posts on local or international school as well as the Home DVD movie topic.

Hope I will be able to do it this weekend over here.

Once again. Many thanks.

Kind regards,


One more blog

There's one more blog I've just now realized belongs to one of our regular contributors, Dave -- aka odaiwai. Find his musings at

Re:New Hong Kong blogs

More sites listed at "The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Hong Kong Blogs" :


Blogging about HK

I've been a lurker for a very long time on this site, as I wanted to prepare myself for my move to HK upon graduation from a Canadian University. First, wanted to say thank you for the myraid of useful information here. I've impressed people with info I've read from this site.

I'm now in Hong Kong looking for a job and finding friends (been in Canada since 3 years old so I don't really know anyone here save my relatives). I have started a blog about my life as a young recent grad in HK. Just wanted some advice on how to get more involved in the HK blogosphere and also get my own blog noticed. Here is the link:

Any advice/information much appreciated!

Welcome to HK

Hi Cherlychee, and thanks for dropping by! It's always fun to see HK through fresh eyes, so I hope you'll keep up the writing as you settle in here.

Mr Tall

Blogging in HK

Hi Cheryl,

Here's a great resource if you're just getting started in blogging:

You might also check whether Xanga is the best platform for your blog. I just tried to subscribe (using RSS), but it seems like the only way I can subscribe is to become a Xanga member?

And most important tip - keep writing!

Regards, MrB


Thanks for the advice! I've been blogging for some time now and yes, you're right, xanga isn't exactly the best platform to use... any suggestions on how to switch (since I have many entries already up there)? I chose it as many of my friends use it, but I want to reach a larger than network than my friends.

I've been pretty diligent though in updating so I don't think I'll have a problem keeping up with the writing.

Migrating from Xanga

Not something I've tried, but when you are looking at new blogging platforms, try googling for:

  • How to migrate from xanga to NEW-BLOG
  • How to import posts from xanga to NEW-BLOG

And that should show if it's possible or not.


The procedures I googled seemed really complicated so I decided to manually import all my posts over. Amazingly enough, copy and paste did the trick, including all my pictures and videos!

What do you think? Does RSS work now?

re relocated

Yes, that's better - and congratulations on the new job!

Thank you!

I'm honored you visited my blog! Hopefully I can contribute something intelligent to Batgung as well when I gain more insight about HK.