Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Batgung wishes you a happy & healthy Year of the Tiger.

Goong Hay Faht Choy...

Goong Hay Faht Choy to Batgung, too!

I always wonder what a person romanizing Chinese words is thinking.  Is he romanizing with the perspective of an American- or British-English speaker or a French, German or other speaker... or from Cantonese or Mandarin or other dialect... or trying to adapt Wade-Giles or some other system to Cantonese ...

This is especially true when I see placenames in HK.  I have to find out what the Chinese words are, how they are said in Cantonese and Mandarin in order for the romanization to make sense to me (even with my limited Chinese skills).

But anyway, best wishes for a great year!