Park-Island & Living in HK

Hi Mr Tall & Mr Big,

My husband has been offer a monthly HK50K per month including accommodation in HK. It will only be 2 of us will be living in HK, and I will not be working. Do you think this amount is sufficient to live moderate and comfortably in Hong Kong.

Besides, we heard about the concept of Park-Island, which sounds pretty nice environment to live in. Hoever, there are comments saying that area gets lots of airplane noise. Could anyone advise on this?




re: Park-Island & Living in HK

It depends a lot on what you are expecting. If you look at the table here, you'll see that less than 14% of taxpayers in Hong Kong earn more than $600K a year. So you'd be at the higher end of local salaries, and yes, should be able to live a comfortable local life.

But if you try and live just like you do at home, you might find the salary on the low side. Check out the 'cost-of-living' pages for some more ideas.

Park Island is a very pleasant environment. It is also under the flight path to the airport. When we've visited friends there, the noise is noticeable, but not to the level you have to pause conversations, say.

I'd certainly recommend negotiating with the future employer that they give you 2-4 weeks in a hotel / serviced apartment when you first arrive, so you have a chance to look around a bit before you sign up where to rent.

Regards, MrB