Are walking trails safe?

Just moving to HK. Have heard from some that the trails up on the Peak are dangerous to walk alone. I haven't found that supported in what I read. Can any of you enlighten me?

It depends who you ask

Several of MrsB's friends and family think she is mad to go hiking at all, given the severe danger of being robbed by illegal immigrants / bitten by snakes / hit with sunstroke / etc, etc. Despite the fact that one to three generations ago probably the majority of Hong Kong residents' families came from rural areas, the typical resident today lives a sheltered, air-conditioned life where Nature is dirty and dangerous (with the possible exception of barbecue pits).

In 2004 there were several highly publicised cases of walkers being robbed, further reinforcing the view that it's a dangerous world out there. To put it in perspective, Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee said at the time that "the 18 cases recorded in the first 10 months of [that] year was the same as that for the period in 2003." That is the number of cases across the whole of Hong Kong, not the Peak - ie the chances of it happening to you are very, very small.

Take a mobile phone with you if you are heading anywhere you could fall and get stuck. There are some more tips here.

Enjoy the walking,