Working Visa

Hi all :)

I am a New Zealander newly married to Hong Kong resident.

We are currently living in New Zealand but wish to move to Hong Kong early next year, I will require a working visa.

My question is do I still need to get "sponsored" by a company or would I be able to get a working visa and find a job while living there?

My thanks in advance.

No visa required

I was going to say you'd still need a visa, based on the comments here. But those notes were written for the spouse of someone with a working visa, not the spouse of a HK resident.

Point 39B.c on this immigration web-page says

  • However, dependants of persons who have right of abode, right to land or unconditional stay in Hong Kong can work without seeking the permission of the Director of Immigration.

To be 100% sure, you can contact them at
- please let us know what you find out.


PS Congratulations on your marriage!

Looking for a Job in Hongkong

I am a Filipino presently working in Papua New Guinea as an Accountant/Internal Auditor. It has been my desire to work in Hongkong if given the opportunity. I know that the National Institute of Accountants (NIA)- Australia has a Secretariat/office in Hongkong of which I am a member of as a Professional National Accountant (PNA). I would like to have the contacts with NIA Hongkong so I could keep in touch with them and ask for assistance in looking for a job. How can I send my Curriculum Vitae if ever there is a job offer in the field of Business/Accounting.

Check with NIA?

Won't it be easier to ask your contacts at NIA Australia for help with this?


Looking for a Job in Hongkong

Dear MrB

Thanks for the reply. How can I send my Curriculum Vitae if ever there is an employer in Hongkong whom I can apply for work. I am really interested in working in Hongkong in the field of Business/Accounting or in any other position that I am qualified for.

Looking forward to be working there.

The answer seems too obvious

The answer seems too obvious - send it by fax / mail / courier / e-mail. Am I misunderstanding your question?


Careful there Mr. B

something tells me you could be getting a cv by fax/mail/courier/e-mail shortly ;-))

No accounting for Batgung

Good point Fiona, so let me be clear that the Batgung's accounting needs are zero at this time.

Currently the monthly proceeds from our Google adverts just cover the cost of a half of shandy with two straws at our monthly editors' meeting. When it's increased to the point it covers my monthly hair restoration treatments, we may reconsider.


Employment Websites

Anonymous in PNG, you could try looking at webites like, which will allow you to apply for HK jobs online.

an update on spouses' visas

I just read an article in the Financial Times reporting that the HK government's ban on work for expat spouses, i.e. those here on dependant visas, is going to be dropped, although the effective date has not yet been announced. Good news for those thinking of moving here!

Dependant Spouse Visas

Thanks for this pointer - it would be wonderful if this were to happen - I work as a human resources manager and this would solve most of the visa issues for part time employees - let us cross our fingers and hope that it is true! Thanks for the pointers - and where do you get those lovely photos that you put at the top of your pages?

As the spouse of a HK resident (permenant only) you do not need a working visa, though you will still need your dependant visa. You are allowed to work though I had to go through a guantlet of questions about why I wanted to work and whether or not I had to - My husband had to prove that he could support me etc... When the day finally came the man in athe uniform asked my husband why I would want to work if he could support me. He seeemed genuinly confused. Maybe I just looked particularily feeble minded and he didn't have much hope for me getting a decent job.


Thanks for sharing your visa

Thanks for sharing your visa experience. Yes, fingers crossed indeed - Hemlock pointed out the absurdity of the current system in his 9th March post, with his usual flair.

The banner photos were all snapped locally - there's a little more about them here if you are interested.



MrB is being modest: he's taken all of those lovely photos himself.