Electric kitchens

Do any of you know why most HK apartments seem to be equipped with electric appliances rather than gas?

Hmmmm . . .

. . . and I've always thought that Hong Kong flats were dominated by gas appliances! Where do you live, sburd?

The Tall kitchen, and just about all of those I've seen here in Hong Kong, have gas cookers/stoves (you can't do real Chinese cooking on a conventional electric burner), and most bathrooms have very efficient real-time gas water heaters (although you'll occasionally find small electric ones, I admit).

What other appliances were you hoping to find running on gas? A clothes dryer? They're not standard in most HK flats anyway, so electric ones are definitely more common.

One kind of electrical appliance that's becoming much more popular in Hong Kong kitchens is the 'induction cooker', i.e. a single burner that uses magnetism or inaudible sound waves or black magic or something like that to cook things in metal pans really fast. We've got one, and it's fantastic -- it boils a huge pot of water for pasta in just a couple of minutes.

love that gas

We LOVE to cook, so are so thrilled to get your response. We are currently in Tokyo, but are on our way to HK. It just seemed odd that so many of the places online had electric kitchens. We wondered why. Maybe these are the places nobody wants!

gone electric

I gave my mum a hard time when I found out she's jumped on the gas bandwagon last winter (I've come to Cardiff for my master degree in September last year). Can't do real Chinese cooking, or any kind of cooking for that matter, on a conventional electric burner? You can say that again! I was so irked and still am.

But then I guess the person to blame is my sister as there's been more than one occasion when she forgot to turn off the stove after cooking. Yea, she just left the fire on like that!

We used to have a gas burner in the bathroom as well but I found it going electric as well, and in a hard way. I had to dash out to give my dad a buzz as to how to use the bloody thing in the midst of a (cold) shower.