any major changes???

Hello there!

I grew up in HK but left in 1996 to study (and later to work)abroad . Well, 10 years have past and this year my husband and I have finally found the time (and money) to visit HK later this year. I am very excited about this and I can't wait to visit all the places I used to go to. Sooo... apart from the new airport and (I assume) a few new office bldgs. and shopping malls - will I be able to find my way around as usual?
Has the CWB area changed much? Does anyone know which bank/money changer has the best rate for Euro's/travelers' checks?
Also, how does the 'Octopus Card' work? Many questions - hope some of them will be answered. I would really appreciate it.

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The best place to change

The best place to change money is in Chungking Mansion good rates
better then the banks. The Octupus works like a credit card where
you need to top up the card with cash and can be used on Transports
and also shopping like 7/11. There are many changes in H.K. after
1996 , but over all a great place except for the ÄIR" Enjoy your
stay with your family......

Octopus is handy

Hi MissHK,

If you're planning to use the MTR / buses / ferries during your visit, it's worth getting an octopus card to avoid the hassle of finding the right change.

You won't have any problems finding your way around - but I'm sure you'll notice plenty of new buildings, and other changes. Please drop by again after your visit, and let us know what you found were the biggest changes since you left.