Just want to live in Hong Kong!

I'm a 41 yr old American man. I only speak a little madarin. But get me a work visa and offer me a job and a place to live and I will work for free as long as I can live in Hong Kong. Meiguorencks@msn.com

Just want to live in Hong Kong

I know how you feel - I travel over to Hong Kong as often as I can
which is about three times a year. Trying to organise my life to just stay would certainly save me money on airfares but practical stuff like visas, health care and the mysteries of work whether
paid or unpaid are a bit daunting
Having worked as a Social Worker etc for the past 25 years
I have lots of skills but where does one start.
I am interested to get any advice & help

social work

I am a social worker here. There are a number of social service agencies in HK that are not subvented by the government. Most of their employees are non-Chinese. Since they are non-subvented, they do not need people to have the qualifications as required by the Social Welfare Dept. These agencies provided services for disabled children, people with aids, people with cancer, etc. Have you approached them before?

Social Work

Hi Angela, I have just moved to HK as my partner has a 3 yr contract over here. I had been working as a mental health social worker for 5 years, and then as a part time specialist Deaf social worker. I had guessed that I would require Cantonese to find work in this area here. Could you give me any contact details, or names of agencies who would employ non-Cantonese speaker. Thankyou in advance.