What is it like for expat women to date in Hong Kong?

I'm an American woman in my early 30s considering a move to HK. One of the thing that holds me back is the things I hear about the lack of dating life for expat women there. Is this true or can I have a normal dating life there? Thanks!

I am a Hong Kong Chinese

I am a Hong Kong Chinese have been living in America. I don't think there is lack of dating life for expat women in HK. Actually it does have more. Just becareful to date with the right person.

Being an Expat single woman in HK

I guess it depends on what you consider "normal dating life".

I moved to HK from Chicago when I was 27. In Chicago, I hardly went out at all. In HK, I met a group of like-minded friends (mostly other European women) and went to pubs and openings and dancing sometimes. I met some guys, but nothing special until I began dating the man who is now my husband, who is HK Chinese.

I never went out w/ western guys in HK. I think partly it was because they make up such a small proportion of the population. I also lived and worked in the New Territories, where there are fewer westerners in general. I think it's easier to find men to go out with if you are open to going out w/ non-western men.

Other than that, I think finding men to go out with in HK is about the same as in any big city. You find a group of friends, you meet people and then more people and friends of friends. Then some men you meet are nice but in love with someone else; others are nice, but not heterosexual; others are available, but not your cup of tea. Then you meet someone nice who is available and you like him and he likes you and it's great.