US physician moving to HK


I'm a pediatrician from the US and am possibly making the move to HK with my husband for his work.

Anyone know what the licensing process is for a US board certified pediatrician? I've read various conflicting data.


Try HK Paediatric Society?

Sorry, no idea on this, maybe the local paediatric society can help you?


Go to the forms at

Go to the forms at

I think you may have to take a licensing exam,You can find out more from the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

If you want to work as a

If you want to work as a clinican....

ANY person qualified from the USA will have to undergo the licensing exam. After that, you have to spend at least a year as an intern in the public healthcare system for full registration. Only then can you practice as a doctor in HK.

The only exception is to find a University post. These have special exemptions so you can occupy an academic post, and practice as a clinician. However, you can only do private work under the University and I believe the fees generated would go to the department's academic fund rather than your own pocket!

On the other hand, if you want to work but not as a clinician e.g. medical writer, there shouldn't be a problem. You just have to get the appropriate working visa.