Not quite Hong Kong?

Read this HR company's Country information and let me know if it resembles any Hong Kong you've lived in. Here's an example: "Colours play an important role in the Hong Kong business community. It is considered bad form to write notes, letters or to sign your name in red as it denotes a lack of intelligence. Black used to be a sign of treachery, but this is slowly falling by the wayside - it would still be wise not to wear black suits during business meetings though."

I see from their website they want "To be recognised as the Human Resources Consultancy which sets the standards to which others in the industry aspire". Hmmm.


There's no what?!

And then there's this:
Social drinking isn`t really as popular in Hong Kong as it is elsewhere in major financial centres around the world. This is partly due to the long working hours and also to do with the lack of many real bars!

I wonder who wrote it?

My guess is it was either written at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon, with 'research' consisting of calling an uncle who had spent some time here in the 1960s. Or that the author is actually an expat based in HK that doesn't want any more expats giving him competition for his job!


That Hong Kong info!

What's really funny! About that little write-up! Besides all the exclamation marks! Is that some of it's actually accurate, i.e. the three tunnels now between the island and Kowloon, the warning against sticking your chopsticks upright into your bowl of rice, and so on.

But the bars and clubs info is just hilarious, and I loved the line about trying to find housing via expat organizations that know how to 'organize the locals'. Good luck to them!!!!!