Hiking through Hong Kong Island?

I want to hike across the Island from Central to the Chung Hom Kok / Repulse Bay area. I can't seem to find any maps about this, and I'd like to get this planned before going to HK... Thanks!!!

Re:Hiking through Hong Kong Island?

The map series for hiking is the "COUNTRYSIDE SERIES - HONG KONG ISLAND AND NEIGHBOURING ISLANDS 1/2003". To my surprise, The HK Government offers online ordering, with the option of airmail overseas. If you go to [url]http://bookstore.esdlife.com/eng/default.asp[/url], scroll to the bottom and click "Government Bookstore", on the next screen click "Order now", then on the next choose "Maps and Plans" from the drop-down list on the left, and you should see that map listed.

There are a bunch of different ways you could go depending on how long a walk you want. I'm out of HK at the moment, so this won't be exact, but something like this would work : From Central walk up through the botanical gardens, up Old Peak Road to near the Peak, but turn left near the top along Barker Road, along and down to Wanchai Gap, along Black's Link, once you're on the part of that road facing South walk until you come to an Electricty Pylon that is close to the path, then along to Deep Water Bay, and around the coast to Repulse Bay.

A longer route could take you along to the end of Blacks Link, and up over Violet Hill then down to Repulse Bay.

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I got mine at the Government Publications Office in Admiralty - in the Law Courts block at Pacific Place - think it's at street level or one up - they've got all the countryside series there.

Another good route starts from Quarry Bay (near a footbridge where the minibus sits, about 300m east of the MTR exit A). You can see this on the map too - takes you over the island and joins up with the path to Tai Tam etc. Great views from Jardine's Lookout/Mount Butler (tough section).

From there you can descend to the final sections towards Stanley, although this bit is not as exciting - there are LOADS of steps from Deity Beach up to the main road at the end of this part, or you can continue on to do the Dragon's Back (great views) and get a bus/taxi from Shek O/Big Wave Bay...