Applying for a HK Work Visa?

How do I do this?

I asked my HK accountant about this since he is setting up my Hong Kong corporation, but he doesn't know.

Any of you guys know the process on how to do this? I'd like to start the application process in January.

Once I have my work visa granted, do I have to leave right away or can I wait? The reason I need to wait is because I'm finishing up my college education in the process.

Also how much does it cost to apply?

HK work visa

Hi there,
I think I can help you! I work for Crown Relocations in Hong Kong. We are an international moving company and also have mobility services which includes home/school search, visa/immigration assistance, cross-cultural training, orientation, etc. Since you are setting up a company here, it would be ideal to liase with one company that could do all this administrative work for you. From your household goods moving to settling into this vibrant city, you would be dealing with one company, Crown. What kind of company are you setting up?

If you would like more info, you can visit our website at Alternatively, you can send me a direct email

Look forward to helping you.

Working visa

Hi - when I did it in 2000 it was a matter of coming in on a tourist visa and then applying for a 'change of status' to employment.

I did it twice over 3 years there - in both cases my company did it for me through a solicitor. I didn't have to leave HK when the approval came through.

Your case is a bit different, but you could take a look at (used to be llb) - there should be loads of info there about the process.