Dental Treatment

Am new in HK, Recently i went to a dentist in Western HK. He charged me HKD500 for a cleansing and polishing. I thought the price was exorbitant being it was loacated in a housing estate.

Previously, I went to Central for the same cleansing and polishing for only HKD320.

Am now looking for a good dentist for wisdom tooth extraction.
1. How much is it usually cost?
2. In Singapore, it is usually done under general anesthesia, but the dentist in western told me he can do it his scarcely equipped clinic.
3. He charged HKD1500 for the extraction. Is the costs ethically within the 'price range'?

I am also interested for veneer composite for my set of teeth.
1. One dentist in Central quote me HKD800 per tooth and the one in Western tells me HKD1500 per tooth??

Does anyone knows any good, reliable and responsible dentist? I have heard numerous stories on the darker side of it....

Pls help!!

Dr Warren Cheng

We use Dr Warren Cheng, Tel:2526-2628, Rm 507, Manning House, 507 Queens Rd Central. MrsB said her last checkup & clean cost HK$400.

Luckily I've not needed any major treatment since I've been here, so I'm not sure about the other prices you mention. But on my last visit he told me not to bother seeing him again for a couple of years as my teeth don't have any problems. I take it as a good sign when someone selling services tries to put me off buying!