How to buy US shares in Hong Kong?

If you live in Hong Kong and buy US stocks online, which service do you use? I've only bought HK shares so far, and just buy via my bank. I'll buy some US shares later, and was wondering what is the best service to use. It doesn't seem that Hang Seng offer much for trading overseas stocks.

I will only be buying occasionally, and rarely selling, so it doesn't need to be very fancy - just cheap and easy to use!

Thanks, MrB

Etrade is pretty big

Etrade is pretty big discount broker in the US and they have office in HK too.

Thanks for the suggestion

I'd been looking at Schwab, but at first glance Etrade seems a better option.


I've just opened an account

I've just opened an account with Interactive Brokers (, however you can't trade HK shares with them. US, Canada, + many more though.