impossible job hunt

In just two months i will be moving to HK with my boyfriend. We both applied to HKU but only I got in. We still want to go and at this stage in the game we dont have an apartment and he can't find a job. He could teach (he did that for a year in mainland) and he has one year legal sec work under his belt along with some social work experience. But being a new graduate he doesn't have the work experience most places are looking for. Any suggestions> it is much harder to get work once you are out there uh? He is so intelligent and such a hard worker. He has sent out several cover letters and resumes, maybe he needs a new approach.

Teaching sounds like the

Teaching sounds like the best hope. It should be easier (though maybe not easy) to find work once you are here in person. Good luck.


Why doesn't your boyfriend

Why doesn't your boyfriend try a different university?