Question: What can I do after Immigration department refused my working visa application with Company?

Hi, My case is that I got an offer with one oversea company at Hong Kong. Company processed my working visa (employment visa) with Immigration department directly 7 weeks ago. Recently I got notice from company that my visa is refused to be entitled. It's the first case for this company that working visa application is not successful, they are not sure what next step can be. I really like this new job and especially want to move to Hong Kong, greatful for any comments/sharings on what I should do to obtain my working visa. Thanks

You can try contacting

You can try contacting ReloCenter Ltd. - for a free consultation and see if it can be saved.

tough situation . . .

I don't have much advice to offer in a situation like this, I'm afraid. The onus is on the company that wants to employ you to prove that you're necessary to their operation, and that the need in question can't be filled by a local hire. The only thing I can think of is that they might advertise the position (if they haven't already done so), and then, if the local applicants don't fill the bill, re-apply for the visa for you.

Good luck, and I hope you make it HK one way or another!

Mr Tall

not much you can do

As Mr. Tall said, really the onus is on the hiring company. It's up to them to request a reconsideration or to try and find out why the application was refused. It's not really your application, but a company sponsoring an employee therefore the refusal is to the company, not to you and they are the only recourse for appeal.

I don't think a third party visa handler will be able to do too much for you. Beware of paying anything up front for their services.

Good luck.


For you to obtain a working Visa you must be in a field that the local SAR government think that you are not taking away a job from the locals and that is needed the required skilled labor that you can offered. But once you get your first VISA and landed in HK , it's actually quite easy to renew it. Hope that helps