Interesting to see how this debate on patriotism will unfold. Not surprisingly Tung and his masters would seem to define a true patriot as 'one who agrees with us' or alternatively I guess 'one who doesn't agree with us but is prepared to keep very quiet about it'.

Of course, this is not too disimilar to what is happening under Bush in The States at the moment. The Patriot Act pushed through in a post 911 US, would appear to define a true patriot as someone who spies on his neighbours or someone who isn't shy about letting the FBI have unfettered access to your library card records.

Its all pretty depressing but I still, perhaps naively, beleive that ultimately the Tung's and the Bush's of this world won't get their way.


Isn't it interesting how similar The Patriot Act is to Artcle 23?

article 23

You could well be right, however I have to confess my ignorance of exactly what is contained within article 23. While I've read enough about the Patriot Act to have a fair idea, article 23 remains a mystery to me. I reall it involved legislation under the broad heading of national security which focussed on 3 's'. Sedition, subversion and....errr.....subutteo? Actually I don't even know what the third s was!

All that I can definitevely say is that it managed to do the unthinkable and make the HK government even more unpopular than they already were. It also doubtless staved off a tidle wave of women who would otherwise have been visting their local salon and asking for a 'Regina'.


if Tung Chee Wah is a patriot, why do his kids have foreign passports?

Tung's Kids w/ foreign passports

Because they were born in the USA