Honk-Kong Vs Seoul

Hello everyone,

First of all, congrats on the rich content and the comprehensive info of the site, besides its strange structure :)

I'm currently studying in Los Angeles, California but I'm from Greece. My name is Aris.

I'm a grad student at Pepperdine university and I'm being given the opportunty to do a semester abroad, so I'm considering either Hong-Kong or Seoul. Can anyone give some feedback on what would be the best one for a european guy? I'm looking for some international food, easy-going people and a decent night-life (considering both schools are equally good...).

Thanks for any input!

Aris the Greek

Honk Honk

Hmm, haven't been to Seoul, but it's reputation is that it's a more 'foreign' place than Hong Kong, though Hong Kong will be different enough. Not sure if that's a plus or minus, given that you'll only be there a short time, and will probably have friends from class to help you out.

English is more widely spoken in HK, if you expect to do a lot of wandering about on your own.

Will you go there in January? If you like cold weather & skiing, bonus points for Seoul.

Looking ahead, will exposure to China (ie HK) or Seoul be better in terms of relevance to your work?


Greek Man

Hello - I have been to Seoul. Your life would be much peaceful in HK. You have everything here - nightlife to naughtywife. Bienvenido.