Hong Kong

I have been staying here for 2 months now and feel that its high time for me to go abroad on vacation. Please help me on the below...

1. Cheapest Airtickets/tourist packages : Where can I get this. I dont prefer to pay online due to risks involved. Would like to know tour agent/s. Also recently read, tour operators are fussy.

2. Which are the best/economical/2 nights tours available.

3. During Xmas, New year holidays, which are cheap destinations and not too many visa formalities. As you are aware, HKians travel abroad during vacations.

4. I am a HK ID holder (not a permanent resident). For which countries, I do not require a visa. I am asian but not chinese.


Vacation from Hong Kong

Some suggestions:

1. A couple of well-established tour agents are Westminster and Farrington. You can check out current offers on their websites and visit their shops to pay.

2 & 3. Some suggestions for destinations here.

4. I don't think your HK ID card is any help in avoiding visas. Whether or not you need a visa to enter a country will depend on your nationality, ie the passport you travel on.

Happy holidays,


Hong Kong

Thanks for this info, however these are not the cheapest ones. I know few sites like http://www.roh.com.hk/rohpackage.html and http://www.morning-star.com.hk/home_ev.htm
but I wanted something really "the cheapest". I would not like to spend so much money just for a weekend leisure trip with wife and kid. Thanks for China suggestions, but Thailand is better as for most countries, visa is on arrival. Please help me other members if you know one.

the big and affordable

the big and affordable companies like Hong Thai, Morning Star and Wing On normally operate cantonese-speaking tours. So if you have no problems with the language, you can try them.