Moving to hong kong

Hey, okay if I want to move to Hong Kong what do I need to do to be allowed to live there.
I was born in Hong Kong and lived there for 9 years. Then I moved to europe and live in Portugal, but i study in England. Can I get the right to live in Hong Kong? Im about to finish my A level course and will probably do uni in England too. Anything in particular you might want to say, I mean Im going to move to Hong Kong after uni, what are the sorts of stuff that im looking at?

Time to contact immigration

Here's the summary page about 'right of abode', ie being able to live here without any need for a visa:

But it's not clear to me exactly where you fit in there - so probably best to drop immigration a line and ask for their advice.

I'll be interested to hear what you find out.


If your Hong Kong Birth

If your Hong Kong Birth Certificate is still around, your right of abode in Hong Kong is guaranteed. Otherwise you have to prove that you were really born here by looking up local hospital records. It will take some time. Either way, you will get your Hong Kong Identity Card after some formalities.

Moving to HK

Dear roryhenson,

Actually I was in a similar position some 6 months ago - and like you, I posted the same question on Batgung, and I got some responses that really did help me, so I wanted to share some thoughts wih you.

I was born in HK, moved overseas when I was very young and obtained citizenship there, and thus never got HK ID card as a kid. This summer I graduated from university overseas, and got a job offer in HK. HK's employers' basic requirement is that you have a HK permanent ID, which allows to you work legally here.

So with a job offer for a post which was supposed to commence in 4 weeks I went into overdrive trying to sort things out while overseas. What I found out was, once you are physically in HK (under visitor status), you can take your HK birth certificate, and travel docs to Immigration and submit your application for your permanent resident ID. However, in theory, the approval process, if you have never before held a HKID, is supposed to take 6-8 weeks. After they have verified your eligibility etc, they will contact you to pick up your ID - at which point you are legally authorized to work in HK.

However, when I landed in HK, I went to the Immigration office the first day, with my HK birth cert and overseas passport etc, and the lady actually processed the entire application for me in about 15 minutes. I was able to get my temporary (paper form) HK ID on the same day!

I'm not sure if I was lucky, but it was sure nice to have everything work out. However,I'd strongly recommend that if you have any intention of working in HK after you grad Uni, is to take a vacation in HK and apply for your HK ID first. That way you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and stress once you've actually graduated, and have a job offer pending.

Good luck,

- CityDweller -

thanks loads for the advice,

thanks loads for the advice, got more of an idea now cheers :)