dog friendly appartments and places to walk dogs in HK

We are planning to bring our 2 dogs to HK, and are trying to find out where we can live that is either on HK island or not a long commute from HK island where our dogs can be able to be really well exercised (they are used to running around like maniacs off lead). We also would like any suggestions regarding dog friendly appartments.



Flats in Hong Kong that allow dogs

I asked a friend who has three dogs for his suggestions. He wrote:

Your reader needs to make sure if he employs an estate agent for house hunting to make them fully aware that he has dogs and to only find apartment which can accomodate this.

Usually the owners incorporation agreement would specify if the building allows pets or if they allow - the terms & conditions for having pets.

I find the best and quickest way is to ask the security guard of the building if there are other people living there who have pets and what the owners agreement/building regulation has to say on this.

As for areas to live:
1) Discovery Bay
2) Clearwater Bay/Sai Kung
3) A village house in the New Territories
4) Park Island

Hong Kong Island is not too good - unless they can afford an apartment somewhere near the peak, Conduit Rd near Hatton Rd is good.

Hope this helps

Regards, MrB