Restaurant Quest

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to hear your thoughts on recommendations for western restaurants around town! I've done quite a bit of restaurant exploring in the past few months and found a some good French and Italian places - (and lots of not so good places) but am having more difficulty with the slightly more exotic.

Anyone know where I can find an authentic Greek restaurant, or Spanish Tapas, or Mexican?

- Citydweller -

How about Lebanese?

Mr Tall is the restaurant-goer among us, so hopefully he'll chime in when he gets back from his travels.

A couple of suggestions - but I last ate at these several years back, pre-kids. That sounds rather sad, but anyway...

Not sure about Greek, but how about Lebanese, which is mediterranean at least. Zahra's restaurant at 409a Jaffe Rd (the Causeway Bay end) served lovely food when we visited last. I showed my ignorance by asking for taramasalata, and was curtly reminded that this was a Lebanese restaurant, not Greek. Whoops.

For Spanish, I enjoyed the food at Bodega Riojana. It's out of the way, as it's located up a hill in Kennedy Town (Smith Court, 83 Smithfield Road). We ate there a couple of times, but again it was some time ago. One time we booked and sat in the restaurant, but I enjoyed the other visits more, where we sat at the bench along the window, drinking a beer and eating tapas. The window is open when the temperature is right, and the bench is in the same area as the open kitchen, so it's a nice spot to while away some time.

How about you, any favourites to report?


Hungry in HK

Mr B,

Thanks for your suggestions - I'll be sure to put those on my list of places to visit. I've never tried Lebanese so I'm looking forward to it.

I personally enjoy Grappas on the G/F at Pacific Place II for some reasonably priced "Italian tasting" pasta - I like their signature squid ink pasta.

I hear there's a new French restaurant open in Landmark in Central called L'Atelier by Joel Robuchon. This chef is supposed to be fantastic, but I hear its very pricey.. haha.. so I guess I'll wait till the next pay cheque to try this one out.

In the meantime, for a cheap thrill, I like going to Ebeneezer's Kebabs on No. 25 D'Aguilar Street in Lan Kwai Fong for a "Roast Chicken Rice" for $35. Other places call it a "chicken shawarma plate" or something to that effect, but its more or less the same dish. It's like a standup-and-eat-at-shaky-tables type of place, but they're reliable for a tasty hot meal on the run. They have a branch in Wan Chai as well too, but I prefer the Central one - it seems a little cleaner!

Happy eating!

- CityDweller -