manchester united vs shatin fc? :P


im planning to move to hk to be with my sweetheart girlfriend, one biiiiiig concern is watching the premier league on TV. Does any1 know if the average cable TV packages do have a channel that can afford the Premier League or do i have to go bar hunting and pay rediculous amounts of money just to watch 1 game. $40 for a Budweiser is insane in Asia -.-¬


Watch English Premier League in Hong Kong

From what I can tell the matches currently show on Cable TV (that's the company name), but next season will switch to NOW TV. Not sure about prices though, as I don't have either service at home.


hio, oh really, so they are

hio, oh really, so they are switching, go figure. atleast they are showing the games! wooo! thx for response S.R.