changes in Hong Kong after 10 years

Hello Mr B.

a little while ago you asked me to let you and the other forum readers know my impression of Hong Kong, after a hiatus of 10 years.
Here goes:
First, CWB (where I grew up) thankfully hasn't changed that much. It's still crammed with
people, although I got the impression 90% of them women!
The torn-down Star Ferry building and clock tower was a great disappointment, though.
I find that everyone was friendlier than ten years ago, even the taxi drivers. When I got lost in Sham Shiu Po a local businessman helped me find what I was looking for, even though he spoke little English and unfortunately I only know basic Cantonese.
Best of all: the cleanliness. Not a cigarette butt in sight. Wonderful.
You can imagine what I felt like on my way back to Germany, transitting through Heathrow Airport. Ewww.
Anyway, visiting Hong Kong again after so long was a truly amazing experience.


Thanks for the update

It's always good to hear how things turned out after the initial message.

Cheers, MrB