HK Weather Underground?

My second-favorite HK website, i.e. the Hong Kong Weather Underground, has been down for days. I'm going through serious weather-junkie withdrawal at the moment.

Does anyone know what's happened to it??

Mr Tall

Weather Underground?

Hi there,

I think the site had changed its domain name to quite a few years ago.

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Weather underground update

Thanks for that tip, T -- I hadn't realized it'd changed domain names; the old URL had always worked for me.

But there's more to the situation. Using the link T gave me, I found a cut-down Weather Underground site, with this message from Clarence, the site owner, on the discussion board:

After almost 12 years' operation, the hard disk of the server crashed. And due to infrequent backup, most data are gone.

Being the first weather site in Hong Kong, we saw rapid changes on Internet in the past 12 years, and now we have a great Hong Kong Observatory web site.

So it is good time to revise the development plan of Weather Underground. If you are fans of Weather Underground, thank you for your support and please be patient during this period. If you are general public looking for weather information, you can go straight to Hong Kong Observatory:

Stay tuned for changes in the next few months.

So I guess I'll just need to be patient! I hope Clarence gets thing sorted out before typhoon season gets rolling.

Oh, and this URL seems to work, also: