Life in Fotan

After a year of settling here in HK, I am now looking at a more permanent home for myself and family. I work at CUHK, and have had Fotan (particularly Royal Ascot) recommended to me. Any thoughts on quality of life in Fotan, and about Royal Ascot in particular?

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Visited FoTan, never lived there

I've visited Fo Tan, went to the super market there a few times. The Royal Ascot is HUGE & personally I prefer a smaller, more intimate housing estate. But, it's very convenient - as I mentioned, a decent Parkn'shop & a friend of mine used to have her kids take swimming lessons there.

Have you considered Tai Wai? I lived there for almost 3 years & enjoyed it. It was in a small housing estate called Lakeview Garden. Flats run ~ 1000 square feet - w/ good usable area. A shuttle bus brings you to the Tai Wai KCR station, surrounded by trees, some flats have views of the Shing Mun Reservoir very quiet, cheap rents because it's near a memorial hall. There is a beautiful outdoor pool and a small kids play area.

Drawbacks - if you don't have a car it is a bit of a haul to get groceries home (but that's why there is home delivery); the car park is on the G/F where the kids often play, so sometimes I got a bit nervous about that; being so close to tge forest meant a fair amount of mosquitoes on the lower floors.

You might want to look at other places in Tai Wai, such as Julimont or Parc Royal. Or, you might even consider a village house, if you want to get very local.

Things I liked about Tai Wai:
1) Convenient location - half way between Kowloon Tong & Shatin
2) It was the original city in the Shatin area & still has a local flavor that some of the nearby New Towns lack
3) Very nice wet-market, spacious, w/ wide aisles (compared to the one we use at Ping Shek)
4) Fair amount of pubs in downtown Tai Wai
5) on the bicycle track, to ride to Shatin, or even CUHK

You might want to go to Tai Wai & visit the real estate agents there.