Hong Kong

Salsa Dancing in Hong Kong

If anyone's interested to go learn or want to dance Salsa in Hong Kong  then please msg me here or check out this cool website I found www.imagine8entertainment.com. Love to meet new people and make friends globally and it will be great to go dancing as well



Hong Kong vs Singapore

We have been looking to move to HK and now have the choice between Hong Kong vs Singapore. Does anyone have any feedback about life in Singapore (pros, cons etc)? I'm married with a small child. I have done a lot of research on HK, but know little on Singapore aside from that it is "very clean"!  Many thanks to all for your feedback.

Hong Kong's SoHo (荷南) District

Hey there!

You are all so very good at uncovering aspects of Hong Kong's colourful history - something that brings me back here again and again :)

I'm hoping somebody can point me in the direction of some info on SoHo. Admittedly it's a fairly recent name/district, so I suppose I would really be looking at info on Hollywood Road, Staunton, Elgin and Peel Streets. I'm researching an article on the History of the area, so any books or online articles/photos that you could point me to would be most welcome!



Opening a business in Hong Kong

I'd like to open a limited liability company here in HK, and had a look through your site, but surprisingly didn't find anything (maybe my search wasn't complete).  I've had a look at the Tax department and the company registry sites, and it seems to be relatively simple, but, having owned businesses in other countries I know it is often better to do it through a trust company or accounting service who then does your secretarial, legal, tax and accounting stuff for you. Read more »

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