Hong Kong's SoHo (荷南) District

Hey there!

You are all so very good at uncovering aspects of Hong Kong's colourful history - something that brings me back here again and again :)

I'm hoping somebody can point me in the direction of some info on SoHo. Admittedly it's a fairly recent name/district, so I suppose I would really be looking at info on Hollywood Road, Staunton, Elgin and Peel Streets. I'm researching an article on the History of the area, so any books or online articles/photos that you could point me to would be most welcome!




Here are a couple of readily available ones for starters:

Jason Wordie "Streets:Exploring HK Island"

Pete Spurrier "Leisurely Hikers Guide to Hong Kong"

Jason Wordie

Thanks Phil! Found Jason's book on google books:



Take a look at 'City of Victoria' ISBN:962-7039-31-4 too. Nothing directly related to your streets, but some good photos & descriptions of the old Mid-Levels nearby that area.

Also try searching for your street names in some of the sites listed here. eg the Hong Kong Journals Online site looks as though it should have something relevant.

Let us know when the article is out,