hotels near malls

which hotels are closest to the newest malls in kln or nt? thanks. wish the image codes are easy to type keys.

hotels near malls

Langham Place springs to mind - a big new mall with a hotel as part of the complex. But since malls are usually built above / nearby an MTR station, and you can find plenty of hotels near the MTR, it's not hard to get to find a hotel within a short journey to a mall.

So, it seems an odd question. It sound like you hope you won't have to go outdoors during your visit. The air pollution's not that bad ;-)


more hotels next to malls

Royal Plaza in Mong Kok is next to Grand Century Place.
Intercontinental in TST is above New World Centre (as is the New World Renaissance)
Royal Park in Shatin is above New Town Plaza (this is NT of course). Actually there aren't that many big hotels in the NT. A couple in Shatin (but only the Royal Park is close to the main mall), maybe a couple in Tsuen Wan (lots of malls around there, new ones too).

as mentioned above - you can't find many hotels that are not near to some form of shopping.