Moving to Asia in June, possible HK and have some questions

First off I want to say this is a great site. I love your writing Mr. Tall. So thank you for all your effort. I know you have already helped me a great deal.

Second noob here so wanted to say hello to everyone. Hope all is well in HK.

I own my own business with all my clients in the US so as long as I have a good internet connection and dont mind working weird hours I am free to live where I want and HK is definitely in the top two, with Singapore.

And now for some question. I am doing lots of research but thought I would also put this out there and see what comes back to educate myself as well as I can before leaving.

I saw a poll on another expat site indicating that with the current economic issues in the US that about 40% thought the rents would drop by at least 30% in Hk and well over 60% by atleast 10-20% in the next 6 months. Is that just wishful thinkging or are their already indications of rentals beginning to drop. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. In my experience rentals usually do not drop that fast. For instance Miami, where I am currently has been in a terrible housing situation for a year now. While rents have definitely stabalized the benefit I found was there was room to negotiate if the landlord was cool but the prices have not dropped. Even 10% changes the picture a lot for me as I am looking for 10k to 12k in TST and a drop like that puts me possible into a small place in the Arch (currently 15k) which would rock. What a nice building.

Second question would be the friendliness of HK folks. Is it easy making friends there? I know that is a very general question that has a lot to do with personally disposition however any insight would be great. Do expats have do bar outings and the like. What about mingling with HK natives. Are they a general overall welcoming people or is their a general animosity towards all the foreigners etc?

Third: Cantonese. I took Mandarian for a semester in college well over a decade ago. Was not easy nor hard if I studied a lot. Is Cantonese more or less difficult in general? How long does it take to get the basics down and be able to read a street sign, understand what the cashier says for payment, etc? Again somewhat subjective so just experiences would be great.

Fourth: Anyone in TST (Tsim Sha Tsu)? I heard its a great balance between place with more local color, still some foreigners so you do not feel completely overwelmed. Lots of restaurants, bars and nightlife, etc. And the rents are like 30% to the island.


Well thanks in advance for insight for the above or anything you might share that you think is worth knowing. See ya in seven months HK.


Guess I should ask this

Guess I should ask this too... Most multi-entry year long visas are for people with a job there. If I talked to the HK immiagration about my situation would it be possible to get a year long multi-entry visa? Anyone tried this? or is this just going to be a red flag next to my name and get me kicked out. lol.

In case you did not read the book here is my situation: I own my own business with all my clients in the US so as long as I have a good internet connection and dont mind working weird hours I am free to live where I want and HK is definitely in the top two, with Singapore. In essence HK would be my homebase. I would not work there or seek work there of any kind.

I noticed MR T mentioned that someone created a HK branch for their company. Anyone tried that. Basically it would just be a cover. Again I would not be actively seeking clients and the like in HK. Would I need to be producing financial docs and so forth for immigration every so often? Anyone have any links on something like that. 


I found these link inregards

I found these link inregards to setting up a branch office. Actually it would be a representive office. and

It sounds like I could register the company using my the apartment I get as the address. If I am understanding this correctly my next question is switching me to a longer term visa. Does the company have to apply for that? Does it automatically get granted at the creation of the company? Or do I need to just apply for it in person in HK?

Anyone tried this? 


re: Moving to Asia in June


I don't have any experienceof setting up a branch / rep office. But please let us know how it turns out, as other people in your situation will be interested in hearing about it.

There are definitely signs of property prices falling, though I'm not sure if rental prices are also falling. A 60% drop sounds like very wishful thinking.

Here are some related threads on making friends [1, 2, 3, 4], learning Cantonese, and where to live.

Let us know how you get on,



Thanks for the info.

I am in the process of trying to find someone who has tried setting up a branch of their own business. Will definitely keep people informed.

Thanks for the link to the threads.