Buying digital cameras in HK

I have just set up a new technics company ( selling digital cameras ), does anybody know any good company-distributor in HK which can supply brand, original cameras like Nikon, Canon, Sony and etc.,with warranty and good price?

Many Thanks


Shellfish Razor Clam/shell/fish

Hello, I'm a Commmercial Shellfish Diver from the west coast of Scotland, I'm looking to start exporting to the Far East and I know that a lot of the Razor Clams that I sell to Exporters end up in Hong Kong, I was wondering if anyone knows how much they are sold for at the markets over there eg, (large over 17cm,medium over 15cm and small under 15cm) so that I can work out if it would be feasible to start exporting, If anyone is interested distributing/selling my exports when they reach HK then please also get in touch. (


Chris Denovan

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