Watching ATV World/TVB pearl (English) online

Wondering if anyone can help me with the above?

I am an expat brit residing on the Chinese mainland (not guangdong!) and I really miss these two HK channels for the sheer number of english programmes.

Got a satellite dish...but zippo:(

PPlive doesnt seem to have them, nor does Sopcast.

Can anyone reccommend a website or application that can let me view either of these channels online?


online TV

Hmmm. So far as I know, you can't watch either of these stations online. The ATV World website is pretty poor, and although the TVB website is much improved of late, it doesn't seem to have any streamed broadcasts.

Readers, any ideas?

online TV

Are you looking for those channels in particular, or just english-language programming in general?

A google search for 'watch TV online' shows plenty of options if you just want to watch shows from US or UK. Peer-to-peer file-sharing services typically have lots of TV shows available for download too.

Regards, MrB

Good website i found

i found this website you can watch all the new TVB series and lots of english movies.  Here