We don't often see snakes when we're out walking, but this time we saw two.

We walked from Wong Nai Chung Reservoir along the catchwater to Tsin Shui Wan Au. Not long after we started we saw this snake at the bottom of the catchwater.

After that immediate jolt after seeing a snake, much manly bravado and 'snake soup' taunting followed. After all, we were up here, and he was down there. But then he started doing this, and it looked for a moment like he was going to be up here too.

Any manly facade fell right away, to be replaced by some girly squealing. Fortunately, the weight of its body was too much, and it couldn't get closer than a couple of inches away from the top.

It was probably around 3-feet long, and I think from looking at other photos it was probably a rat snake.

Further on we saw another snake. By then the catchwater was less than a foot deep, so we found an excuse to have a moment's rest, letting the snake slither off into the distance.


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when we lived in hong kong in the 1950s/60s, our gardiner used to kill them by shaking them from their body.
that broke their backs...


I believe that it is a "Common Rat Snake".

They can grow up to 2.6m but are not venomous.