Swimming and Ballet/Dance lessons for young kids in HK

Does anyone have any information regarding swimming and/or Ballet/Dance lessons in HK for young children.

Thanks in advance.

Swimming lessons for children in Hong Kong

If you end up living in a modern apartment block, it will probably have a residents' swimming pool. They often have links with private trainers that come and give lessons to residents' children.

If you are looking for group lessons, some options include:
- Harry Wright
- Playsports

We asked the trainer at our block about lessons for our older daughter, who will be three next month. She loves the pool and happily kicks her way around the pool with her arm-bands on. But the trainer's advice was to wait until 6 before starting lessons. She said some children could start as early as 4, but it was hard work for both parties - physically they were ok, but in her opinion most 4 year-olds don't have the attention span to really take in the lessons. I've heard other parents swear by the benefits of swimming lessons for babies even just a few months old, so each to their own. But we'll probably just stick to fun for now, and wait a couple of years for the swimming lessons.



Thanks for the advice.

I don't think 3 year olds are physically strong enough to actually swim unaided anyway, but my daughter has been going for 'lessons' from around 2 and its more about fun and confidence in the water than actually learning to swim at that age. She does know about kicking her legs and can basically swim with a bit of floatation help, and can dive down to the bottom with the help of mum or dad and retrieve bricks etc. She loves it. I think at that stage its got to be about fun, and also about having a regular appointment so that swimming happens on a regular basis. Anyway...

I'll maybe check out these options and post some experiences here later.



both of mine did "aqua babies" which is more about learning to enjoy and feel comfortable in the water, and then they did "lessons" and finally my 4.5 year old spontaneously started swimming early this summer and I'm darned if my 3 year old got hell bent on also swimming. for about 3 weeks in a row he didn't want to do anything else but swim in the afternoon and then suddenly he got it and can swim.(he'd just turned 3)
I must add we've never used arm-bands (hard work for mum and dad who must then always be in the water with them) or any other aids, so then it's clear to them what they can and can't do on their own. and swimming has always been fun fun fun.
they also swim very differently. the older one can swim with her head above water all the time, in doggy paddle mode and the little one swims under the water and then surfaces for a breath when needed.
I'd say to be honest all lessons have to their merit is helping them love the water IF DONE CORRECTLY, this weekend I witnessed a father and daughter with an instructor and they were FORCING this poor little girl of about 2 to swim between them, and she was howling and obviously very distressed. that is NOT the way to go about it. she's sure to have a water trauma at the end.
there is a lovely Usborne book just out called "teach your child to swim" which is very good and developmentally appropriate.