Where To Watch NFL Games In HK

I'm going to be in HK during the NFL playoffs. Are there pubs where I'll be able to watch the games? Thanks!

NFL broadcasts

I'm not a big NFL fan, so I don't have first-hand experience of this, but the place I'd start would be Dan Ryan's, either in Pacific Place or Festival Walk. Beyond that -- readers, any ideas?

Watching the Superbowl in HK

I was at the Dickens Bar for lunch today, and saw they'll be having a SuperBowl brunch in February.


More NFL games

Actually, Mr B, that Dickens Bar page you linked had a link to a schedule of their sports broadcasts -- they are showing NFL games regularly. See here for more.

And I echo Mr B's recommendation of Dickens Bar -- it's a very pleasant place in all regards, and it has a good beer selection.

Watch NFL in Wanchai

The Kangaroo Downunder Bar & Restaurant
54-62 Lockhart Rd
Wan Chai
2139 3111
The only Bar in Wan Chai showing the NFL
We will try over the season to show our American cousins a many games as we can but time is an issue
For more info email me on
or Call Stephen Anderson