Remote working tax advise.

Would anyone have any idea what the tax implications in HK would be of working remotely over the internet for an overseas company on a part time contract basis, where the money earned never comes to HK?

Feeling I should get professional advice on this, would anyone be able to recommend a good tax advisor for expat tax issues of this nature?



That's an unusual one! I've no idea what the right answer is, but this man might be able to help.


Withholding tax

The other thing to keep in mind is if there is any withholding tax the overseas company may need to pay, that would reduce the payment you receive.

I got caught out on this for a product sale to an overseas client some years ago. I'd bought the product from our supplier as usual and resold it overseas, but when payment was received there was a big chunk missing. The client had to pay 'withholding tax' to their government at their local rate of tax for such products, and so deducted that from the payment to me.

After that I got in the habit of adding a clause to any quotations for overseas clients saying something like "Figure quoted is the net payment to be received by our company. Client is responsible for payment of any local taxes or withholding taxes". At least then if the client complained, we could either agree to increase the quoted price to cover the taxes, or walk away from the deal.

Not sure if this applies in your case, but better to be aware of it.